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About SCMR™

SCMR Trends™

Market Software

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SCMR Trends™

Market Software

SPYderCrusher Market Research 


Quantitative services for institutions and research teams


Our goal is to lower execution costs and improve market analysis 

How Our Services Benefit You:


       - Lower execution costs save

          the firm money


       - Objectively identifying

          market behavior improves 

          your analysis


       - Better ideas, faster 


Enterprise Solutions

SCMR Trends™ - A Case Study
The Premise
Costs vs. Timing vs. Liquidity
The Solution - SCMR Trends™
SCMR Trends Solution Visualized
Bottom Line Savings > 160 bps
Adverse Case Savings > 30 bps
Other Applications
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Consumer Solutions

SCMR Trends™


  • Objectively contextualize price


  • Simplify decision making

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SCMR Dynamic Levels™


  • Superior range highs & lows with SCMR Momentum Peaks™ and SCMR Dynamic  Levels™

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SCMR Dollar Flow™


  • Quantify dollar flow realtime  

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SPYderCrusher Market Research


2159 India St. Ste. 200

San Diego, CA 92101


office: 619-356-3669


Market research solutions for Firms, Funds, and individuals. 


Our mission is to make your job easier, your execution sharper, and your insight more precise. 

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